Ati 4850 x2

Due to the high price of GDDR5 memory , the difference between ATI radeon HD 4870 and ATI radeon HD 4870 X2 will compose $200. to fill the empty interval between these products , AMD will release the accelerator ATI radeon HD 4850 X2, which will be equipped with GDDR3 memory . The application of GDDR3 memory will allow to set the price of ATI radeon HD 4850 X2 in the range $399-449.

ATI radeon HD 4850 X2


ATI radeon HD 4850 X2


thats ownage, two 4850's do better than the 280 at a much lower price. Nvidia is in a tight spot right now.

no 350 gtx

Umm, no. If that is real, sure it will be faster, but it will be expensive, prolly 600.

of crouse 2 cards will beat 1 gtx 280.

its hello 2 gpus vs 1.

u cant compar that.. so stop trying

Nvidia won the war of the fastest singal GPU get over it.

True, but not price for performance, ATM. Price/performance is all i care about.

have u seen the new prices of gtx 260s and 280s come out of the basement and look :)

Lol, yes I have, but ATi still has the edge price/performance. Although since I have an SLi motherboard, I'd obviously go Nvidia regardless, because its closer now. Ati still has Nvidia beat in that category, for now.

Haha thats funny not hard to tell G33kinator owns an nvidia card .. and yes the 260 is well priced but there is a reason for that and its called ATI.. 6 months ago we'd be paying 400+ for that card.

G33kinator is a nvidia fanboy :D

but imagine a 280 GX2... but ATI FTW

Lol =P. G33kinator reminds me of like rabid fanboys of like the whole PS3 vx. Xbox 360 war a while back. (actually I think its still on even today). Lol. But yeah. A 280 X2 would be awesome. I'd save up for that thing. But price/performance is nice. Im really not on either side of the graphics war. But ATi is pretty nice right now in its price/performance range. And I like how it has the HDMI dongle with 7.1 channel audio. =P

Wait...what was that post even for? Lol I just got off on a tangent. That had nothing to do with a 4870x2. Lol X_X.

280 gx2 would cost like 1000 dollars! there are only two people that would buy two of those... maxishine and trubitar, i wonder what they do for a living...

Idk, maybe they won like the lottery or something. And they sit at home where barrels and barrels of jewels, computer parts, and women await them. But seriously. A thousand bucks is way too steep. You can build a pretty good computer for that much.


We all know PCs are more superior than consoles. :)

it wouldnt cost 1 grand to beat that card it will take 2 gtx 280s in sli.

dur and thats about 600-800$

tri sli would pwn any ATI card even in crossfire.

gtx 280+ comes out the 27th witch will propbly beat the x2 it self. :P im not a fan boy but reviews lie about the FPS they allways say cod4 is under 100 fps on all settings maxed cod4 is over 200fps for 1 singal gtx 280 i know i have it.

and thats with all settings on max with x maxed to.

[u]they get paid to sell the product. [/u]

ATI has price for proformence. but not any more gtx 280s are hitting 300$ soon

You shouldnt post about tech and such if you dont know the turth :)

At FurionX. I never said they were. I hate consoles. Ever since my 360 died i said "Fuck it." Microsoft cant make a decent product anymore. Maybe Vista. And maybe Windows 7 will be better. Also, G33kinator's such a fanboy =3. Lols.

^ LOL, true, but are you forgetting Windows XP? xD (I have an nVidia video card, but I plan on getting an ATi video card in the near future, unless nVidia's doing what ATi's doing right now..Awesome price for its performance.)


I also hate it when Sony fanboys say that PS3 is > PC, such as friends I know from school. -.-

Doesn't Tri-SLi scale horribly?

Yeah. Im not quite sure but I heard you can never get a full 16x out of all 3 slots. Usually its 1 at 16x and the other two at 8x or all three of em at 8x. Or something else thats ridiculous =3. I could be wrong.