Athlon X4 760k vs AMD A10-7850k Builds

Hi. Basically I want to build a gaming machine. 

This is basically what I want to know, what is better as a CPU + video card based build or APU and later a video card.

Athlon X4 760k + R9 270


A10-7850k for the time, and then adding a grafics card. Like when the next Battlefield or Call of Duty comes out, to buy a video card and pair it with this APU.

The thing is, if I take the X4 760k and R9 270 this won't be upgradable in the future. I have to buy a newer CPU and change the video card, but with the APU, when I don't have the muscles, I go and buy a cheaper video card, pair it and play 1080p all the games I like. 

Oh, also. I have a 720p monitor, at the moment, so I can run with the APU BF4 at Ultra. So I'm thinking, when I will be buying a 1080p monitor to get a videocard too so I can play with the APU BF4 on Ultra at 1080p. 

Oh, on the APU, I want 2x4Gb RAM on 2133Mhz CL11, and on the CPU, I want a normal 1600Mhz.

This is the motherboard also. Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-DS2


Going with the X4 760k and R9-270 will give you FAR better performance than you would get with the A10-7850K alone. 

Also, why would you have to change the CPU when you want to add a better GPU? The X4 760K will handle anything up to an R9-280X/GTX 770 before it starts to become a significant bottleneck, and that would depend on the game being run as well. Did you know that the X4 760K is an A10-6800k with the integrated graphics disabled?

If you want to save money and game on your 720p monitor for the time being, you could run the A10-6800K (save yourself $40-50 over the 7850K) which has nearly the same performance of the 7850K and simply add what ever GPU you want later on when you finally get a 1080p monitor. 

You have several options, but the best choice will depend on how much you want to spend up front. 

Also, try to get 2133 ram with CL9 or 10, if you can. (the lower the better) APU graphics rely on system memory, so the faster and tighter the timings the better.

If you're running a discreet GPU right from the get-go then just go with 1600 CL9 ram. The GPU has it's own memory it uses which is much faster than the system ram. 

Look, my PC is : 2Gb DDR2, Intel E6500, no grafics card. I'm raising exactly 45.0843 $/per month (150 Romanian Leu). So, I have arround 100$ now, 45 montly. I will finally raise money for the X4, or the Phenom X6 that is about to come, but it's cheaper to get the APU, 8Gigs of RAM and do something more than just surfing the internet on my computer,

I'm in a kinda sh%tty situation. :/


Thanks for the advice anyway. Best regards.

No need to get uptight. I don't know your situation. I was merely trying to answer your questions. 

You had stated "... if I take the X4 760k and R9 270 this won't be upgradable in the future.", to which I clarified that yes, it would be upgradable in the future. The rest of what I said is what I recommend. You don't necessarily have to do exactly that. 

Anyways, misunderstandings aside, for your situation, going with an APU for now is your best option. Then later on when you get a 1080p monitor, you can add a more powerful discreet GPU, crank up the settings and it will run just fine. Just keep in mind that the latest and most expensive APU doesn't necessarily offer the best value/performance per dollar.


Here is one idea for you: (Build this for my friend last year)

Get AMD A10-5800K (same cpu as 760K but with integrated graphics and good price value) and that fast ram you were looking for (DDR3 2133MHz). Now you can play games at lower resolutions/settings until you can save the money to a graphics card. :) Works perfectly!!! AMD A10-5800K is also known as good overclocker both processor and i-graphics. But needs better cooler that stock if overclocked more than 10-15% in my opinion. But still at 720p resolution many games will be playable! 

System pros and things to consider:

1.Get good power supply for the graphics card upgrade (I can find you one if you tell me the gpu :D)

2.That fast RAM is good for 2 reasons: Better performance when played with a10-5800k integrated graphics and after you get that GPU it speeds up the processor (lack of L3 cache both 760k and a10-5800k). 

3. Think about motherboard PRICE <> FEATURES! I did last A10-5800k build with ASrock FM2A88M extreme4+ and it was CHEAP considering the features it has! And FM2+ socket is a MUST thing in motherboard if you want to do upgrades in the future :D (Like Kaveri or who knows what to come...)

I hope this helps!

I am ordering now components for my lan rig and doing a Athlon x4 760k build with mid level graphics card.. dont now yet which one, looking for sales.. And later gonna update the 760k if needed.

Link about processors:


Much necro.

X4 760k + r9 270 is a great combo.

And also another way to go which crossed my mind at these dark hours of my frozen days:

Plan number 2. Since the Athlon x4 760K is about 60-70% of the A10-5800k's price, get Athlon x4 760k and save that difference (~50$) for graphics card like HD 7770 which is decent and cheap (Around 100$)? Dont know about the prices where you live but you can always order from another country.. 

Found this link when searching performance for that kinda system, it tells you A LOT:

I don't mean to nit-pick but...

750k = A10-5800k w/o iGPU

760k = A10-6800k w/o iGPU

The A10-6800k/760k has some minor architectural enhancements over the other and also faster clock speeds.

Thanks for nit-picking MEC thats the actual way it goes :)

Yes they are! And if the price difference isn't so bad get 270X. Also if you can find one generation older (but still very valid) card like HD 7850? Those are sold quite cheap nowadays and amybe even find one 'second hand' with warranty... But still at 50$/month saving rate it will take at least 4 months to save that money for R9 270.. Nice to do some gaming with a10 5800K/6800K while saving the money :)