Athlon x2 vs Phenom?

Hey guys, building a new pc. i have decided to go with AMD with this build.

I was just wondering what AMD chip.... The Athlon x2(6000) or Phenom(9600)?

The pc is mainly goin to be for playin games (crysis(yeh right!!!), mass effect, Unreal3.

So i spose what im realy asking is Dual core vs quad core for games.

Thanks in advance jamie

since it's a new build go with a quad core. a lot of new games that are coming out are going to be optimized for quad cores so, if you want to futureproof your rig get a phenom. i recommend the phenom 9750 i have it and the performance is sick!

Hey thanks for quick response. Am going to get Phenom now!

Oh just another quick question. What overclock are u getting with your 9750 (if any)?

what about the 9950 its black edition but it pulls 140W so get a good mobo. the 9950 i think can overclock to 2.8ghz or 3 from it's 2.6. it's amd's king of the hill processor. 2.6ghz unlocked multiplier ( blakcedition).


someone post back!!!!!

i haven't tried to oc it. ( no need to)


I would recommend the phenom cause even i think the x2 is faster in games. the phenom is more future proof because more and more games are gonna take advantage of four cores rather than two. also you can should be able to decently oc the cpu.

actually the phenoms run somehwat hot and are horrid with OCing. yet they cost aboout the same as a Q6600, which will oc like MAD.

IDK man I heard a rumor about some 4 cores that are supposed to shrek.