Athlon II x4 750k only using 2 cores

Hey guys, I just upgraded one of my builds to a athlon II x4 750k (quad core) from an a6 5400k (dual core). I have checked everywhere in the bios and I cant find any core options. My motherboard that I'm using is the asrock fm2 a75 Pro4, I have 4gb of corsair value ram, and an r7 260x gpu. Thanks for the help.



EDIT* Device manager says that there is indeed 4 cores, but thats the only thing reading 4 cores.

Device Manager:

I've also noticed the TDP reading if off; the 750k isn't a 65w part - it's a 100w part. I'm guessing there is a power issue. I'd double check the wiring, specifically the 4-pin power connector. I'd also make sure the BIOS is up to date.

Update your BIOS, if your BIOS recognizes the CPU, it will show 4 cores on the hardware info tab in BIOS. Then check msconfig again. If it didn't change, you need to reinstall Windows. It's just one of those things...