Athlon II x4 630 bottleneck?

Hello friends. I have an Athlon II x4 630 and I am planning on buying nVidia gtx 650 ti. Will the CPU be a bottleneck? I don't even game at 1920x1080. My res is 1366x768.

Nope. I guess it depends on what you consider a bottleneck. The CPU may hinder the GPU's max performance since you're gaming at such a low resolution, especially if you aren't playing the most graphically demanding games, but the CPU won't prevent you from getting smooth framerates either. It's a solid gaming CPU, especially now that games are becoming better optimized for quad-core CPU's.


Thanks, I am going to get the 650 Ti then. I am happy with smooth framerates. I would have gone for something like 7850 if I had a more powerful CPU.

The 7850 is a fair bit more powerful than the 650-Ti, especially since AMD drivers have matured. If you take into account overclocking, then there really isn't any competition since the 7800 series are well known for their tremendous OC potential.

Tom's has a monthly article that can help you gauge relative performance of GPU's. February should be out within the week.,3107-7.html

I sold the Athlon ii x4 and bought Phenom ii x4 955 BE. Do you think that would be alright with a 7850?

Hope you didn't pay too much overall. The Athlon II x4 retains ~90-95% performance of their Phenom II bretheren at the same clock speed. It's fine. Most games will run fine on most any quad-core CPU.

You're still going to have the same issue as before with the 650-Ti gaming at the resolution. You need to play at 1080p to push the capabilities of the 7850. Again, with the GPU being unable to be fully loaded, you're making the CPU the limiting factor, but I wouldn't call it a bottleneck since you'd still be achieving the performance you'd want.

I think my issue in giving a straight answer here is the over-use of the term bottleneck. An Athlon II x4 with a 7850 isn't a bottleneck. A 7850 with a Sempron, or Celeron is a bottleneck. A Core i7 with integrated graphics, or even something like a 630 is a bottleneck. Basically, a bottleneck is a major impbalance in performance. Both the Athlon II x4 630/650-Ti and the Phenom II x4 955/7850 are balanced set ups.

Thank you. I didn't spend a lot on this. Got it cheap and one problem I noticed right after installing is that the processor is running at 2.8 GHz instead of 3.2, which is its actual speed. I have undervolted it from 1.35V to 1.2V. Do you think it's safe to increase multiplier from BIOS from 14x to a higher value so that it runs at 3.2 GHz? (which it is supposed to run at)

You should be fine. The CPU is probably starting to show a little age, but since you're getting a lower tiered video card and running it below 1080p, you shouldn't see any huge performance hits.

Yes, max res is 1366x768. I am in a bit of a conundrum here. The fan that came with the phenom ii x4 955 is horribly noisy and under load it is annoying. I have a Deepcool 120 mm cpu cooler that i can use instead of stock fan but the Deepcool cooler says it is recommended to be used with 95W CPUs. I don't get it. What will happen if I use it on this 125W CPU? It's still a 120mm fan and the processor size is the same too, as both are AM3 CPUs.


I take it that what the box is saying is that it can cool at 95W? And if I do run it with 125W CPU, it will not be better than stock fan? Is that it? Or should I actually test it first?

Lost track of this thread. IT's probably a power constraint on the motherboard's end. You can try to manually increase the multiplier, but definately check stability and temps.


Solved it, thanks. The speed was low owing to the undervolt. I had undervolted to 1.20v and it always ended up at 2.8 GHz at that voltage. I increased it to 1.25v (default is 1.35v) and now it reads 3.2 GHz.