Athlon 200GE/Ryzen 1200 + ECC

I am planning to build NAS+pfSense box with ECC. Anyone succeed building Ryzen+ECC on low-power units? Headless (Ryzen 1200) or UI (200GE) are OK for me since I will be using Unraid OS. I would appreciate if someone could share the working hardware configuration (CPU+Mobo+RAM+BIOS). As I said I would like to use Unraid and pfSense as VM with 4xNIC passthrough. I would like to avoid adding GPU in PCI-e slot. Either iGPU (Athlon) or headless (Ryzen 1200) configuration works for me, since Ryzen APUs are difficult to run ECC RAM.

I dont think the low end stuff supports ECC I know that the Raven Ridge 2200G/2400G does not.

You could say that I guess.

TL;DR: APUs + ECC = NOPE! And Ryzen is efficient enough when not under load.

Thanks. I will look into this.