Atheros qca9377 win10 issue

Hey folx
I’m trying to figure out what’s up with my wife’s Acer Win 10 laptop with atheros qca9377 net card that appears to disrupt/slow down/interfere with other devices on network when connected - including hard line connected devices. She gave to me to fix bc bluetooth stopped working. I cannot confirm the network connectivity problem prior to this bc she spent an hour or so following tutorials to try and fix before I received. There were many copies of adapter drivers installed.
I was able to restore bluetooth - deleting all drivers/uninstall, system restore (to before problem occurred), detect hw - but the network connectivity problem persists. I disabled and/or uninstalled atheros and connected through a realtek net dongle and same problem - very minimal connection on laptop and every other device while connected. Disable adapter(s)/power down laptop and other devices connection fully restored - replicated 10-20x to be sure it wasn’t a coincidence/I’m not crazy. So it seems like either windows is compromised or broken, or the atheros card is causing the interference despite being disabled or drivers being uninstalled… next steps I guess will be physical removal of card/swap with known working/dongle (probably not tonight, maybe out of energy), and then reinstall OS (apparently need 8gb flash now and need to go out to get) - anyone have any other ideas? Thanks in advance.

nm. found an ok sized flash, reinstalled os, fine now