ATH M50's Issue

I just got a pair of M50's this weekend. First pair of decent headphones that I've ever bought. But when no sound is being played through them, I can here a hum. When my mouse is being moved, the hum goes away. 

What's the issue? the Headset if plugged into my front panel audio jack. Thought a DAC would help? but I really can't spend 100+ on a DAC.. or don't want too.. 

Try using the back audio port, front ports are pretty well known to have issues with feedback. Only issue is that you are probably going to be short on cable if you do that. If all else fails you can get a audio extension cable or even try a cheap usb sound card.

The front audio ports on the PCs in one of my classes at school are terrible.... doing anything to make the CPU to work causes a bunch of EMI lol

I was between the M50s and a set of closed Beyerdynamics. how are the M50s? do you listen to Metal?

Thanks for the feed back,

I have my speakers plugged into my rear port but I suppose I could just get a splitter plus an extension cable? Unless you guys know of any good usb dac/sound cards, that wont break the bank..

So far I really enjoy the M50's. It's crazy how different my music sounds now. I really enjoy them. Although I don't listen to any metal sadly.. Mostly like acoustic/electric pop shit. Never did get into metal.