ATH-AD500X vs AD700X vs AD900X

Maybe I got a little hyped but I want some good open air headphones. After watching some of these videos:

I think I should give audio technica a try. Tried some sennheiser headphones and wasn't that much impressed. Also tried phillips and they were all just too much focused on bass.

Now my question is. What are the difference and do they matter for me?

They all got the 53mm driver, are all open, weight is not important and got all a sensitivity of 100dB/mW

Differences in specsheet are the frequency response

  1. AD500X = up to 25.000
  2. AD700X = up to 30.000
  3. AD900X = up to 35.000

Also maximum power input and impedence is different. But I don't know what difference it would make.

My use case would be sound from my computer (connected though cinch). TV and Playstation 4 through light fibre cable. All connected to my reciever which powers my sourround system. 

Mainly for watching tv shows over netflix and movies. Also gaming! I want that sourround feeling to pinpoint every action that I hear! But for music I'm covered with other headphones.

I would plug these headphones in with the 6,3mm adapter. Or any other way if you know one please let me know.

Would I hear the difference in frequency response, maximum power input and impedence? Or would I be just happy to pick up the AD500X?

Also if you know a store where I can buy these that would be great. Living in Germany the tax prices are a real bummer + waiting time for delivery.

Thanks for everyone that will help me! :)

Hey there. 

I just so happen to be in the same boat as you. After taking a bunch of different headphones into consideration, I've kind of chosen the ADx00X as my choice. 

I personally had a pair of ATH-M50s and they were great, but had the overwhelming V shape to the response. Too much base and too bright. Then unfortunately they were taken... Haven't had good audio since. 

I'm definitely not looking for a neutral pair of headphones because those are boring, but I don't want something too V-Shaped. From the AD500X - AD900X there is only a $75 difference, but I'd love to know what that difference is. 

Hope someone can help us!

I also own a pair of them ;) Were my first "better" headphones. But they are far from neutral as you mentioned.

Did you do some research on the DT990 series? They seem to be a better choice in movies as some reviewers have said. Never considered beyerdynamic. They should have more bass than the AD700X which I kinda prefer...