AT&T U-Verse is Now Offering Unlimited

AT&T U-Verse is Now Offering Unlimited for Home Internet but the catch is u have to have U-verse TV Service or Direct TV services just like there mobile data plans hope they don't have hidden cap of 22 GB lol jk current cap is 250GB for 25mbps through 45mbps

If you don't have tv service you can add it for $30 more.. Starting on 5/23/2016 every one will have it!/dsl-high-speed/KM1010099

Unlimited usage for customers bundling television
What is Unlimited Internet Usage and how do I become eligible?
Unlimited usage means you can stream, download, and browse your favorite content and connect all your devices without needing to keep usage within the new higher monthly usage allowance. Additionally, you will not receive overage notifications or overage charges. You will still be able to view your usage in your monthly statements.

The unlimited usage option (a $30 value) is available to customers bundling new or existing U-verse Internet service with their new or existing AT&T television service (DIRECTV or U-verse) on a combined bill. Customers currently subscribing to both services on separate bills can visit to combine their bills at no additional cost.

The unlimited usage option is also available to customers without AT&T video for $30 more a month; the option can be added at any time beginning on 5/23.

I only get 50 more GB but at least its something. More time on the Xbox now.

I would add unlimited, and download Wikipedia over and over while seeding it, just to make a point.

If I'm paying for unlimited, I better get it.

AT&T Proof that they did what they promise Unlimited internet at no extra cost if you have IPTV Bundle with Internet

Screen Shot of my Account

Screen Shot of Bandwidth usage for this current month with new Unlimited Plan

OP delivered. +1