Asustor or Synology

Guys wanted to get your thoughts on getting a new NAS to replace my failing Windows Home Server 2011 box.

I want to choose between the following two devices:

Synology DS1815+
Asustor AS5108T

Note I do not want to build my own, I know many people would suggest it but I want an out of the box solution.

Looking at both of these boxes hardware wise they are pretty similar, though one is Atom the other is a Celeron, but I think in terms of performance these are somewhat similar.

The main purposes of these would be to:
1. Backup multiple PCs
2. Store Media files for backup and sharing
3. Stream media files to Chromcast, Fire TV, Boxee, etc.
4. Another backup from Cloud storage, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, etc. for each user
5. Personal Cloud for syncing file to be accessible by all users as well as real time backup
6. Backup the RAID array to Local and/or external storage

Reading about these two both will do the job and have VERY similar interfaces and build quality.

So I guess it comes down to still the Interface and the two companies and their support.

Wanted to get your thoughts on and which would you guys recommend and why.


No experience with the ASUS devices. Synology and QNAP are solid.


I read a lot of people saying Synology support is top notch, and from what I read that is the primary difference between these two units, how is their support, the 2nd being the user interface and how friendly it is.