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ASUS Zenith x399 Owners Thread



Stock voltage, 1.2v

Super thanks for the reply, voltage is one thing I had not considered at all!


Well those memory sticks are Hynix not samsung B-die.
So that might also be a reason.
Overclocking memory can be a hit or miss with AMD Threadripper and Ryzen.

Also if you run ECC memory, then i would say let it stick to 2666mhz and call it a day.


Even stock at 2666 they can drop out on a reboot. But I do plan on B-die when I finally get some more ram. Sell the hynix and get the good stuff.


Yeah and i would say ECC memory isnt really ment to be overclocked in the first place.
At least i wouldn´t do that personally.


Wendle does it! :rofl:

However I do think that it is the slots, as swapping the sticks around (at stock) still has the slots nearest the IO shield drop out or have problems with training and posting. Swapped sticks in the other 4 slots are always rock solid and have no problems. Hopefully some reseating of the CPU will work.

It could be the board also, and no amount of reseating will fix it. But only trial and error will find out. But intermittent problems are so hard to figure out.


Yup re-seating the cpu is always worth a try.
But it might indeed be a board issue aswell.
Maybe you just got a bad example of the board.


Let me know if you try upping the voltage a tad. I had my sticks on “stock voltage,” and had one slot that was hit or miss. Also for some reason my stock voltage was supposed to be 1.2 but was 1.190 and 1.220 on two different channels. I set them both to 1.28 and the problematic slot hasn’t given me any more issues.

Do it your own risk of course. But from what I hear and in my very limited experience, upping voltage is generally considered very safe for DDR4.

If you do decide to do so, increment very slowly (maybe by 0.02 volts). I, personally, would not go above 1.35. Small voltage increases yielded much better stability for me. Do your own research on incrementing and on a safe limit, as I am no OC expert.

I currently run my Crucial 2666 ECC UDIMMS at 1.28 volts, standard timings (but have OC’d in the past) and have not had issue. They of course have no heatsinks.

At the end of the day, I recall a lot of reports of issues with Zenith and 8 total dimms at first. UEFI updates have probably helped, but Zenith is picky about memory. Look at the QVL list for memory: very few kits are recommended for 8 total dimms. So if trying voltage increase makes you uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to return or RMA the board. Its your system and your money.


btw I also got my first Zenith open box on the low.

well at first. I had memory issues and ending up taking it back. Got swindelled into paying the difference to get a new one, and am still salty :unamused:

I was told I could have them RMA it for me and trade it in for a new one. They only brought up the money when the first board was already prepared for RMA, then wouldn’t let me have the first one back.

But I needed a working system to do things my laptop couldn’t, so I let it happen.

In hindsight my memory issues were almost certainly DIMM.2 related, and I totally could have skated by with the first, had I known what I know now :sob:


Anyone ever have success passing through the gpu in the first PCIE slot on this board? I am trying right now to no avail.


The original Zenith Extreme (non Alpha) just got a new bios revision from 1601 to 1701. I says it has a new ageasa version.

I just applied it today, and can say that I believe it has solved my flakey ram slots with my hynix ram. All the problems I was having seem to have disappeared, and the system is acting as I would normally expect a system to behave like when not changing a single thing in bios.

I don’t have any real testing data, as the 1601 bios caused half the ram slots to be flakey (I think, since that is the only change) and I didn’t dare do too much in the bios with ram settings as just going into the bios was tempting the gremlins to drop one of my ram sticks.

All day today I was in and out of the bios, changing settings, and no weird random non posts. Just hangs when the settings were too tight and a gamble anyways. When changing between known good settings, there were no hangs and 100% post or boot into OS. Something the the 1601 bios could not do. It was about 50 to 75% if staying with known good settings. But that was enough to make it so that known good settings were questionable, and hard to compare to bad settings.