Asus zenith alpha extreme ii setup

everybody i need some help I have a asus zenith alpha ii rog and its running the gen 1 threadripper 1950x i have a evea supernova 1000g psu and i have an issue which states "Your system is only using EATX12V_1 8-pin power plug. We recommend connecting both the 8-pin power plugs under heavy usage for prevent the motherboard from overheating my psu has 2 cpu 8pin 6 vga 8 pin 2 perif 6 pin and 4 6pin sata what can i do to fix this issue

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Can you upload some of your mobo pics?

Your system’s model isnt new. I assume you bought the mobo second hand and the PSU is yours? Or did the PSU came with the mobo?

Just plug in the second CPU 8 pin connector and you’re good to go.
Make sure you’re using the correct 4+4 pin plug (just pointing that out to be 100% sure).
It’s a connection you wouldn’t be using otherwise so plugging it in to shut up the motherboard is a good reason to make use of it lol

Wait, wait, wait.
You can’t use the ASUS Zenith Extreme II (Note the II or also 2 (Alpha or Non-Alpha deosn’t matter)) with a 1950X.
You can only use that CPU with the first version the X399 ASUS Zenith Extreme.