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Asus ZenBook USB-C Charging - Automotive Charger Options?


I own an Asus ZenBook UX490U laptop, which uses USB-C for charging. I know this standard is pretty versatile among many phones, tablets, and gaming devices these days. (My Nintendo Switch and LGV30 for example.)

However, while I do have a Nintendo USB-C charger that’ll work for my Switch or phone, is there any reliable products that can be purchased for higher power devices such as my laptop?

The power adapter my Asus came with outputs these following voltages:

5VDC 3A, 9VDC 3A, 15VDC 3A, or 20VDC 3.25A. Model ADP-65JW.

I’ll be going on a trip in the next couple of months, but I was hoping to find a possible solution that may allow me to avoid a power inverter. However if I must buy a power inverter, does anyone know of a good quality pure sine wave unit?

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