ASUS Z9PE-D8WS Turbo Boost

Hi guys,

I came across this video of Logan and Windle (I hope I wrote the name correctly) building the workstation.

video - 

On time - 8:05 Windle mentioned that there is a feature on the motherboard that will allow you to run the 2.2GHz CPU to max turbo 2.8GHz at all times. 

I have the same motherboard with dual xeon E5-2687W which stock clock is 3.2GHz and Turbo 3.8Ghz.

I tried reading through the manuals of this motherboard and I could not find that feature. 

The only thing I could find and change was in BIOS "CPU Management Configuration" the - Energy Performance, I changed that from (Balanced Performance) to (Performance) that did not seam to make much difference as I run it at 100% load and the Boost will stay at 3.4GHz. 


I would appreciate if you guys could help out as I would really like to max out the performance of my machine. 

Maybe if Windle himself could have a look and remember what was that feature I would be very grateful.


Thanks again,

Right, I did paste the link, and if you can't access it then I hope this will work