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ASUS Z9PE-D16/2L 10G PCI NIC seems to disable my SATA drives

Mobo: ASUS Z9PE-D16/2L
CPU: 2x E-2697 v2
RAM: 128GB RDIMM 1600MHz
Drives: all 18 sata ports are occupied. 8x HDDs and 10x SSDs
PCI slot 2 = EVGA 2080 Ti x16 (CPU1)
PCI slot 5 = ASUS XG-C100C (10Gb NIC) x4 (CPU2)
PIKE Slot = 2008 controller

I have installed unraid 6.8.2 on this server.

if I have the 10g nic in slot 5, I lose 4 hard drives. Not on the pike controller, or the ISAS controller. but the basic ones on the mobo. and only SATA3-6 (Sata 1 and 2 are still seen)
the NIC works.

If I move the NIC to PCI 1, it doesnt work, but the 4 drives comes back. because of the 2.5 slot GPU, I dont have any other choices. I dont really see how this can be a PCI lane issue. Im completely at a loss. does anyone have any ideas?

According to the block diagram it should work although the PCH has only 10 drives in a block of 6 and 4. What happens if you use pcie6 for the NIC?

Does the GPU run in slot 1?

PCIe6 is blocked by the PIKE card. and the GPU cant run in Slot 1 because it would hit the bank of RAM.

After a few reboots the Disks came up. not sure why that happened, but that is now resolved. There still remains the question why the NIC wont work in Slot 1.

According to the block diagram slot 1 and 2 share bandwidth. I suspect the switching tries to force x8 mode and the GPU doesn’t play nicely.

It’s a nice board but you are using it at its limit. Maybe a threadripper is in your not too distant future :slight_smile:

yeah… you are probably right. this board was free though. so Ill have to make due for a while.

I have a pcie riser x16 so when I get my new case, I might move the gpu to slot 1 and see if I can free up some other slots. I want to put another hba and a gtx 1070 in there for transcoding