Asus z9pa-d8c + 1080Ti

Anyone here have experience with running a z9pa-d8c with a pascal card? I built this rig a few months ago with the intention of using it for deep learning and I was waiting for the 1080Ti to launch to add the gpu. I just received my 1080TI a few hours ago but I am unable to get any video signal on the monitor though the error code on the mobo seems to indicate the operating system was started successfully.
Rig specs:
Mobo: Asus z9pa-d8c
CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2670
RAM: 4x 8GB TeamGroup Hynix DDR3 Registered ECC R DIMM
GPU: Nvidia gtx 1080Ti

I imagine this is a bios issue but so far my efforts have been fruitless.

For me (although it was a new rig and first time setup) it was not puling the display information from the mobo once the system detected a GPU in one of the lanes. I shut down and rebooted after connecting display cable to the gpu directly.

Thats the best i could help with. Hopefully other more knowledgeable people jump in here if it still doesnt work.

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I'm assuming you're on linux (since you're doing ML)

what distro are you on and what connector are you using on the 1080ti?

pascal cards are sometimes picky about what connectors they want to use before installing the drivers.

I finally got it to work. Apparently my monitor was stupid enough to not detect input from the hdmi unless specifically selected.
Thanks for your help :)

P.S I am on ubuntu gnome.

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