ASUS Z87A Motherboard Audio Advice

So, I have a tiny issue: I've got an Asus Z87A Motherboard and Sennheizer HD280 Headphones, I've played with the equalizer plenty of times to get something bearable to listen to but no matter what I try the sound is just too flat. The Motherboard uses the Realtek sound manager, so there IS a bass boost option but it produces a strange static whenever anything doesn't have very much bass. I'm certain this isn't a problem with the headphones as they work fine with my phone. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance

Check the following

Right click on the volume icon on the taskbar - playback devices - select your device and make sure the setting under both 'Configure' and 'Properties' are set to what you want.

Do not plug your headphones into your front panel. Front panel audio sucks the big one. Always use the rear jacks.

Make sure windows is not muting volume when a communication device is detected. This can screw with things.

IF these dont fix it, you may have a loose jack on the mobo and a sound card will be the only fix.

Oh and make sure under the realtek sound manager that you are set to stereo and not 2.1 or 5.1

Turns out changing the plug to a mobo plug did it. Thank you!

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