Asus Z87-PRO Vs. Asus SABERTOOTH Z87

On this PC build, I can't decide between two motherboards: The Asus Z87-pro and the Asus Sabertooth Z87. For what I want out of this build is to last a long time, have wifi, and have fan controllers. Another thing to not is that I don't think I will be over clocking. If anyone has some input on these two motherboards, some input would be great.


The sabertooth is meant to be a "lets last for a long time board" the pro is a 'features' board. Personally i'd go with the pro board because it doesn't have that stupid 'shield' that impedes airflow and then requires tiny ass fans to keep the board cool in any way.

doesn't matter much .. the firmware is pretty much identical.. it basically comes down to what you're interested in. the firmware for the p8z77 pro and the z77 sabertooth was also the same. ps2 ports you probably wont use so it comes down to wifi/bluetooth module. the wireless module has a gimmick to double as a wifi adapter and hotspot(still opted for ethernet). i've used both the z77-pro-lk and z77-pro-v.. i went with the z77 sabertooth cause of the warranty and capacitors. i literally just built a z77-pro a few hours ago. either one is asus, they both are good.

The Asus Z87 pro is a cheaper board, but it does have wifi and bluetooth onboard, not a bad option in my opinion, if i look at the price of the sabertooth, i would personaly go for the cheaper Asus z87 maximus VI Hero. because its a rog board. and cheaper. so i would personaly look at the Hero VS the Z87 pro. they are arround the same price atm.

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I also have a question about the Z87 sabertooth/gryphon motherboards, do they have the 4 Way Optimization in the AI Suite 3?

as far as i know yes ☺