ASUS z87-Pro dead?

I’m assuming my board is dead, but in case anyone else has any thoughts, I’ll share what happened. I have already replaced it with a z97-Deluxe (kinda wanted to do that anyway for better OC and NVMe support), but it’d still be nice if it can be saved.

I shut down my PC with the z87-Pro board and it wouldn’t power back up. No response to the power button. I switched the PSU off then back on, press power, it clicks on for half a second, some fans start to ramp up, then immediately back off, and no further response from the power button (or surface mounted power/reset).
I swapped out for known good components: PSU, CPU, RAM from my H81-based HTPC. Also unplugged everything not completely necessary for turning on a PC (all storage, PCIe cards, etc.). Nothing. Reset CMOS. Nothing. The board supports BIOS flashback, so I tried to start that as well. Didn’t happen. Best I can get is the brief click on and back off when the PSU is first powered up, and completely dead thereafter.
Did I miss anything, or is it well and truly kaput?

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