Asus Z87-Pro 4 way overclock

Hey guys I recently built my first PC, and am using a Asus Z87-Pro and i5 4670k. I am new to overclocking and wanted to know if it would be a good idea to use the Asus 4 way to overclock since my mobo supports it? I have watched a few videos on how to do it, and it seems easy enough. Are there any serious downsides or issues I should be aware of before I start the process. Thanks

Provided you have a decent cpu cooler, yeah go for it. I personally think software overclocking has got a very long way to go before it comes close to even a half arsed attempt manual oc. Its just way too generous with voltage.

There are heaps of manual haswell overclocking guides about, take your time learn what everything is and have fun with it. You may end up finding out you have a absolute gem of a chip.

Again just be aware of your load temps. A decent cooler is critical.

Thanks for the info. I am using a Noctua NH-u14s cooler. I currently get temps of around 25c idle and up to 35c gaming.

Go for it then.

The Asus 4-way overclock software gave me an OC of 4.6 on two cores and 4.5 on the other two at 1.275v. It has been stable so far and I am fairly happy at the moment. In the future I plan on doing a manual OC, but want to learn a little more before I attempt it.