Asus Z87 Auto Overclocks? cant figure out why?

Hello people! here's a nut to crack for ya!


Asus Z87 i5 4670k and it overclocks itself to 3,8Ghz

Ok not bad but, i want to figure why it does so and how to disable it in Bios, Nothing seems to work.


290 sapphire stock clocks

cool case so no heat problems at all. its like winter is staying there.22-40c 

Cooler is  Phanteks PH-TC14PE so its Cool.


lets see if anyone cand crack this.

i provide more info in needed



It's normal.

The 4670k has a natural turbo clock at 3.8 GHz, which it normally tends to run at as long the main workload is momentarily on a single thread. What the motherboard might be doing by default is to raise that limit a wee bit so that 3.8 GHz is reached when all four threads/cores are doing some heavy lifting. The CPU's of today can handle that little nudge without any problems what so ever.