ASUS Z87 and audio card?

Hi guys!

I'm planning to build my first gaming (and video editing) PC. Looking forward to BF4 and DayZ standalone. Planning to buy the ASUS Sabertooth Z87 TUF mobo, but I can't figure out if I need a audio card for my use. Is buying the ASUS DGX Xonar audio card a waste of money, or will it improve my in-game sound? (I will use the triton pro and a Audio Technica headset).

Thanks for input :)

Just go with the ROG Maximus 6 Hero, Gene, or Formula, and you will not need a sound card. 

I think that a dedicated sound card will have better components than what may be embedded on the motherboard for sound. Although depending on what Audio Technica headset or headphones you have you may not hear the difference. I don't even think you will hear the difference between an ROG, Sabertooth or regular Asus motherboard depending on what gear you attach to it. Only the gimmicky extras of course.

I see. Thanks guys!