Asus Z87-A With Cooler master 120m?

Hey, i was wondering if my cooler master seidon 120m would fit on the Asus z87-a with a haswell chip?

Otherwhise i will just buy a 3570k with another motherboard.

I'm pretty sure that if a cooler fits with the 1155 socket, it will fit with the 1150 socket.

The sockets are within millimeters of each other, so it should be perfectly fine.

Okay cheers for the help

yeah  i also think it should fit, let us know if it fits or not ☺

There'll go time, but if it wont, i'll have a serius problem, Because then i gotta go out and spend more money on a new cooler xD

The mounting systems for 1155 and 1150 are exactly the same. It should fit fine.

aah big spender should not be a big deal haha ;-)

what i'm worried about is all the caps around the socket area, does that efect anything?