Asus Z87-A CPU LED

yeah my Motherboard CPU LED comes on sometimes when i wake it from sleep or power it on theirs no display screen & when this happens i have to hold my power button to restart my PC then it comes on with the resuming windows screen like i put it in hibernation i never had this happen before also my R4 blue LED won't blink on & off when PC goes into sleep mode like it used to do & should need help with this.

Which psu do you use?  this could have something to do with hasswell sleeping mode, some cheaper lower end psu´s have problems with it.

try to disable C6 and C7 modes in the bios, and look if that solves your problem

grtz Angel ☺

Corsair HX 750w & i cleared the Cmos i didn't know haswell had a special sleep mode 

Angel is right. Your PSU most likely can't do it. Go into your uefi and disable c6 and c7 power states. Should fix the problem.

sorry indeed i ment the c6 and c7 power states. ☺

but this PSU says its supported

yeah it should do it, but you never know, i would disable that c6 and c7 power state feuture anyway. because i think its not that great for the cpu and psu at all.