Asus Z87-A boot issue - CPU LED

Sometimes my computer will boot and there's no problem, however other times my computer will have a problem turning on, it will do a cold boot and the red CPU LED will remain on. However I have a feeling there is no problem with the CPU because when the PC is up and running there is no problem at all, it's amazing.


i5 4570 (3.2GHz)

Kingston Hyper X [email protected]

Nvidia GTX780 Super Jetstream 3072MB

Kingston SV300S37A120G (120GB SSD)

1TB WD Green HDD

Asus Z87-A Motherboard

Corsair TX750M PSU

Corsair 200R case

Cooler Master Seidon 120m (Not needed I know a fan cooler would have been fine, I just worry about the heat)

1 - Standard Corsair Case Fan (Intake)

2 - Bitfenix BitFenix Spectre PWM 120 (Exhaust)

  • I would have more case fans but considering there's an issue when it comes to turning on, I feel like it's best I don't add more fans, I would try to include positive airflow, so that the dust inside gets blown out. However the temps are very good, idle is around 30'C and it maxes out in temps of temps at 60'C.
  • I should also mention that I have tried simple fixes such as making sure that the CPU cooler isn't too tight, the thermal paste is fine, the PSU cables are nice and snug.
    Can anyone help?  

Your temps might be good, but just make sure that the CPU heatsink is properly installed. I once had an Intel heatsink actually fall off slightly after install. It would cause my ASUS P8Z77 Pro board to show the red CPU LED sometimes, and would actually be able to run once the PC booted.