ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS - RAM compability

hi folks, I have a quick question about RAM compability

Does it actually support non-ECC DDR4 RAM?
I watch the video from youtube
Skip on 3:58

He looks like installed Corsair Dominator on it. I'm really confused here. So does it support it or not?

Thank you folks

I did check that. It only listed ECC RAM

but my question is why he installed Corsair Dominator on the board, that is not ECC memory

Check timeline 5:32 too

he tried to but it didnt load, so guessing it is extremely picky on ram.

He ended up with ecc memory in the running build.

oh he said that? which timeline are you talking about?

1:37 (you pretty much have to use error correcting memory) DDR Plat was in the picture but thats not what he installed.