Asus x79 rampage IV extreme problems

Got it off eBay, few bent pins which I fixed by bending back with a Razer Blade and after some tinkering with the board I got it to post but I installed it with more ram my GPU and network card I keep getting code 34 on the mobo and too boot I can't get my hyper 212x to be held on to to CPU well

i got myself a broken rampage IV formula, its still on the way but if i come up with something i'll report back.

Did you try the normal steps to debugging ?

34 is a pretty early error, sure that its not the RAM ?
Could even be before that, pointing to a bigger problem.

cheers Rage

Seems was the order i had the last two sticks of memory on (right side of cpu) now i got to figure out the cpu cooler. seems like theres not enough mounting pressure(hyper 212x)

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Fixed turns out the mounting bolts come in two sizes (didn't say in manual) so all fixed now. Was using the lga 1150 length screws