Asus WS WRX90E-SAGE SE CODE 00 issues

Hi all i have a problem with my new builds and i hope someone in this forum can help me.
I built 3 workstaion whit the same components and in all the WS i have the error CODE 00 and the red light (CPU problem) always on.
I tried to update the BIOS, using only one RAM, using 4 and also 8 banks of RAM, to change the GPU (4090 and 3080) and change the PSU (900, 1000).
This are the components:
AMD Ryzen TR PRO 7975WX
RTX 4090 water cooler OC Gigabyte
RTX 3080 TI Gigabyte OC
test 1: DDR 5 64GB (4X16) - KF560R32RBK4-64
test 2: DDR 5 128GB (8X16) - 2X KF560R32RBK4-64
test 3: DDR 5 16GB (1X16) - KF560R32RBK4-64
Samsung 990 PRO NVMe 1tb
Samsung 990 PRO NVMe 2tb
test 1: Forton twins renduntant 900W
test 2: Corsair 1000w

Thanks to all.