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Asus WS Sage-E WRX80 w/ 3955WX TR-Pro Build Log

Hi Everyone.

Planning to build a system around the Threadripper Pro 3955WX and Sage motherboard. Question and I think the answer is “yes, it will work no problem”. Asus lists Kingston KSM32ES8/16ME being good to go on the Sage board but does not mention the 8 gig modules are being tested. Kingston’s part number is KSM32ES8/8ME. I do not see any difference between the two specs other than the 8 gig difference between chips. Should I be ok?

I also want to run RAID 0 using the included Hyper m.2 expansion card but heard that you need Intel SSD’s to use RAID 0 as the boot/OS drive. If this is not the case, which m.2’s do you recommend for speed. I don’t require a lot of storage but rather speed (future proof).

Thank you.

Also wondering, Wendell, if you are reading this. Does the motherboard fit in the Meshify XL case without issue? Does it look aesthetically pleasing? Can’t really tell from your videos. Just don’t want the board to overhang the tray and or come in the way of any grommets etc. Thanks.

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After talking to Asus, when figuring out my Memory issue, they said the voltage was the most important thing. If it runs at 1.2V, you should be good to go.

That being said, these things aren’t cheap, so I’d recommend you call Asus and ask them directly, they have an internal QVL list for memory that’s larger than the public one. And if they tell you it works and it doesn’t, they may be liable for providing you incorrect information.

Edit: After reading your post again, I don’t think TRPro is worth it for your use-case. I’d probably go with a 5950, as you could run 64GB of Ram in that easily. Do you need the PCIE lanes that the TRPro offers?

This is just my unsolicited advice so feel free to ignore!

Appreciate the feedback and advice. Looking to definitely use ECC @ 3200 if possible. Plan on keeping the system for 7+ years as a solid financial/stock trading system.

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If it’s going to be turned on 24/7 then yeah ECC is not a bad choice! Good luck with the trading :slight_smile:


BTW, I called Asus and the tech support said literally whatever spec is in the QVL on the website is the same. There is no other QVL list anywhere. Not sure I believe him but I was like whatever and just decided to bite the bullet and spend the money on some 128gigs of Kingston 3200 ECC memory. Plan on keeping this system around for a long time so WTH lol. If you are interested, got this kit from

KSM32ES8/16ME Kingston 16GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory Module - For Motherboard - 16 GB (1 x 16GB) - DDR4-3200/PC4-25600 DDR4 SDRAM - 3200 MHz - CL22 - 1.20 V - ECC - Unbuffered, Registered - 288-pin - DIMM - Lifetime Warranty

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Started the build. Front fans that come with the Fractal 2 Meshify XL were adjusted to blow cold air onto the graphics card and CPU fan intake as well as directly around the Hyper m.2 card.

I relocated the back fan to the top of the case inline with the Noctua CPU cooler so I have direct hot air exhaust. As you may know, the TR Pro CPU socket is rotated and therefore the air cooler is blowing hot air up, not side ways towards the back. Actually, not a bad idea really. Hot air rises and the exhaust air will assist in pulling hot air directly out of the case.

I will be installing a intake fan with a 140mm dust filter at the back to bring in cold air from outside. This will ensure positive air displacement while cooling the network card (yes, the motherboard has a small fan cooling the NIC).

Next update will show modifications for cable management.

My online brokerage firm relies on Java for their trading software. Seen a few Java benchmarks on TR and it seems that TR does really well with Java.

The trading software seems to use 1 gig of RAM without loading any charts, stocks etc.

You think I am going to benefit from the massive 8 channel bandwidth that TR Pro provides using Java?

Build almost completed w/ custom TitanRig MDPC-X cables. Tested the system and cables, booted without issue on the first try (very thankful).

More pics coming shortly including custom fan cables that I did myself. Not scary at all with the right tools and well worth the small effort.

Have 2 P400 GPU’s installed to run multiple monitors including the Samsung CRG9 49" ultra wide screen as the main monitor.

The Hyper m.2 card includes (4) Samsung 4 Pro 256 gig NVME drives.

The motherboard has (2) WD Black SN850 256 gig NVME drives. One of these drives will be used as a root partition while the other will be used as the /home partition.

Hi Peter,

Awesome build. :sunglasses::nerd_face:
Can you share list of all the components ? I am planning for setting up my first build