Asus WRX80 and Hyper M.2 card RAIDXpert issues

Hi everyone,
I need a little help with creating a RAID with AMD RAIDXpert2.
I have an Asus WRX80 and I have added a Hyper M.2 card with 4 x 1TB NVMEs. My OS (Win 10 Pro) is installed on a separate Samsung SSD.
As far as I can see, I have successfully created the RAID in the BIOS. I have enabled NVME RAID mode in Advanced->SATA Configuration and after a Reboot, I was able to access RAIDXpert2 Config Utility and create the RAID.
In Windows, I have installed RAIDXpert2 Software but the RAID is not showing up. It says “Unable to find rccfg RAID driver, please ensure all required RAID drivers are installed”.
I have checked Device Manager. Under Disk drives I have my Samsung SSD and one AMD-RAID Array 1 SCSI Disk Device. Under Storage controllers I have 5 x AMD-RAID Bottom Device and 5 x AND-RAID Controller [storport].
I have downloaded the drivers and RAIDXpert2 Software directly from the AMD website, not from the ASUS website.
I have no clue, what else I can try. Thank you for your help.

I solved the probleme myself in this very moment.
After reading the README.txt that came with the drivers again and again. I realized, that I can install the rccfg drivers manually. Just a simple right click on the rccfg.inf file and then choosing “Install”. Voila… RAIDXpert2 is showing the RAID.

Hey, how reliable has this setup been?

I’m considering a similar setup for 4k raw video editing and rendering.