Asus WiFi Go problem

Hi guys. so i have this piece of shit internet card on my desktop currently, and i realized that asus gave me the wifi go thing, so i took my motherboard out, plugged the thing in, got everything back up and running and plugged the antenna in. 

on my AI Suite II there is no WiFi Go option.


i have redownloaded the asus suite client from their site and it clearly shows the folders.


wat do :| getting frustrated 

excatly which mobo is it?

and i'm not sure it can be used as an access point

Ah. im ordering this then

it might be able to.... i just don't know.... you got the module in, and the antennae plugged into the module?

it might help if you join the hangout and I can see in real-time how you have it set up

dont have webcam on this pc! :/ will get one soon. anyone have a suggestion on a better wireless adapter than the AE2500 though?


it's pcie x1, and $10 more, but you'll get better connectivity and speed, and it's compatible witha lmost all encryptions and security protocols