Asus W680 - ECC not recognized?


I bought an Asus W680-ACE (no IPMI) for my new workstation. Somehow I can’t get Ubuntu or Windows to show me ECC support.

Mainboard: Asus W680 ACE (without IPMI, not needed)
RAM: Kingston KSM48E40BD8KM-32HM (2x for now)
Bios: 2305 (latest)
Driver: Latest Chipset Driver from Intel Website, ME tool, and full ME update. Device Manager looks clean.

Under Ubuntu I checked with dmidecode -t, and couldn’t see ECC support. Windows PS MemPhysical response with code 3 instead of 6. Data Width is 64, and TotalWidth is 80, indicating that the Ram has true ECC support. (Which is expected from the Kingston Ram). SPD Write is activated, no hypervisor whatsoever.

Thanks for any ideas.

What CPU are you running? Not all the LGA 1700 CPUs actually support ECC.

Yes, I have a feeling …

I just ordered the 13900K to make it work. Got the F version because I don’t need a iGPU but the Intel documents are not good on this topic…

I’d say that is very informative

I tend to disagree.

13900k - ECC support: yes
13900kf no ECC support is not mentioned, an explicit NO would be helpful.

I will report back once I get my 2nd CPU tomorrow…

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Yes it’s a weird one, my 12700KF is the same, no mention of ECC either way.

I’d like to get an update if it’s working. I have the Asus ACE W680 along with the same Hynix Kingston memory on my watchlist. Always good when others are successful with the same combination.

Intel Ark is great, but they don’t like negative entries and just mention things that are supported. Marketing department probably had a word when designing this resource.

Yeah, it is the case. 13900KF has NO ECC support, while the 13900K has ECC support.



Now I am just wondering why the return value is 5 not 6?


5 = Single-Bit ECC
6 = Multi-Bit ECC

ECC Memory is generally single bit correction and only multi bit reporting (but no correction). So the 5 is correct.

Thanks for the follow up. ASUS Memory QVL is very bad (no entry on any ECC DIMM), but I guess I can get those Kingston modules now.

Do you have the IPMI variant? If yes, does the card come with a low-profile bracket?


Yeah, the Kingston modules work pretty well.
In my opinion, the board is very ‘unrefined’ for the price. Booting is super slow and feels a little buggy somehow. It got way better with Bios 2305 but still - I mean it’s a workstation board.

No, I don’t have the IPMI card as I don’t need that feature.