Asus Video Cards?

Hello guys,


I just wanted to know what are your thoughts and experiences about Asus Video Cards. Are they good, reliable?

I'm trying to choose  between an Asus Gtx 650 ti boost and a EVGA gtx 650 ti boost. (Asus) (EVGA)

As for me they look almost the same, but maybe based on your your comments i can make a solid decision.

I feel like asus has a much better cooling system and they also look better than EVGA cards, as for performance i'm not sure.

Thanks for your comments


Honestly I'd go for the HD 7850 1gb instead of a 650. Its faster and the card will bottleneck before the memory will, and you can actually get some good ones for cheaper than the boost:

But if you want to go Nvidia I'd say go with the Asus, their Direct CUII designs are great

I build my buddy a system with this card in it.  Now obviously this isn't a high end gaming cardbut we specced his system for recording music with gaming as the background priority.  Even overclocked this card is stable as hell.  It doesn't have active cooling obviously, but that doesnt seem to matter if you have decent airflow in the case.  The construction of the card seems very well built.  They have quite a few reinforcement parts for the giant heatsink so it doesn't torque the chips at all.  Asus takes their products pretty seriously IMO. I could honestly see them taking over the prefabricated computer market someday if they go down that path.  I'd fully endorse ASUS products.

either one of those brands. i tend to go with who ever has the best warranty.

ive always had good dealings with evga.

its going to always be a case of how well you do in the silcon lottery for how much you can overclock the card.

hope it all works out well for ya champ.