Asus VH236H monitor for sale

I've got an Asus VH236H that's not getting any use and I'm looking to sell it. The monitor is "like new" condition and in the original box. No dead/stuck pixels and still under warranty.

I'm asking $120 (went for ~$160, it's since been discontinued). Details, shipping costs and method of transaction will be determined privately. What you get: the display/stand, power cord, one VGA cable, one audio and documentation (manual, etc).


23" widescreen @ 1920 x 1080

LCD panel, non-LED backlit

60Hz refresh rate, 2ms GTG response time

Ports: power, one VGA, one DVI-D, one HDMI, one audio, one SPDIF

Built-in speakers, 2 x 2w


Thanks for reading and for your interest.

Edit: forgot the images, derp.

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nice monitor. extremely low input lag. that's why it is known as the 'EVO" monitor, because the fighting game world championships (Evolution) uses it. they need low input lag because a lot of moves have 1 frame links. luckily, its input lag is sub 1 frame (Half a frame actually. i beleive 8.3 ms?)

I had my friend buy the VH238h, which is the exact same panel as the one you are selling, only it is LED. he loves it. great for gamers who want low input lag.

Definitely. That's exactly the reason I bought it (I bought two at the time and used the one I'm selling only a handful of times). Very strange that they discontinued it. 

well, they discontinued it because they have the successor, the VH238H. its the same thing, just LED backlit. and now, they have a VX238H, but im not sure if that is a successor to the VH238H or not.


but led backlight is evil

more evil than cfl????!!!!

yes, led has bad color consistency, a pure black pixel on one side of the screen by other black pixels and a pure black pixel on the other side of the screen will be totally different colors, on a good standard lcd the entirety of the screen has the exact same backlight ammount so a color will look exactly the same regardless of it's surroundings

as someone who does photoshop led is unacceptable if you require accuracy

^ And that's why I said it's odd that it's discontinued.

Expanding options for customers > limited options

well who knows. I wonder which is more expensive though..... LED or CFL?