Asus VG248, display port no picture issue Fix

OK people,

Have I got a dumb one for you, and a easy and dumb fix. Also, a question after.

A while ago, I had bought an ASUS VG248 monitor. It’s about a 24 inch monitor from Asus that I had bought a while ago because I needed a new monitor. And for the longest time it worked flawlessly. Until after when i realized this monitor was meant to run at 144Hz or Mhz. I don’t know remember which.

But when I started running it at this frequency on Display Port, after a while, (it’s totally random) it would suddenly not resume a picture from sleep at all. And would stay that way even after the PC would shut down, or restart. I had thought the DP port had died. So, I would hook up an HDMI and just use it that way. Not as fast as I’d like, but at least the monitor was working.

A few months would go by, and suddenly I’d have a blackout of power. Didn’t matter how long, but the computer would restart once power came back on, and lo and behold, it would have a signal on the DP port. I had forgotten I had left the display port cable plugged in. Would be so happy, and go on with life like that. The monitor would sometimes stop working with display port, and I’d just got on like that for months.

Till Today.

It happened again, and I decided to search the interwebs for an answer. And weirdly didn’t put in a model number, just that my Asus monitor would stop having a picture on Display Port.

Lo and behold a YouTube video was the first result. Very specifically this model. I watched it, and boom the fix. Unplug it, wait for it to drain power, plug it back in, and boom you have picture. And tons of responses this worked in the comments with other ASUS monitors.

So my question is, obviously ASUS knows of this problem with all the reports I’ve seen in these comments, why have they not addressed this issue or have anything on their forums about this? I’ve searched them extensively, and nobody, I MEAN NOBODY from them have mentioned this as a possible fix, cept some random dude on YouTube. WTF? Anyone else have an issue like this? Well, hope this helps!

Again, if you have the ASUS VG248 monitor, doesn’t seem to matter any variation. Have you had this problem? Did you know about this fix? And WHY OH WHY hasn’t ASUS addressed this in some public fashion? And is this an issue with any of their other monitor lines?

Also, this could and most likely should be the fix for these two topics in THIS forum as well:

have mine for to many years never had a problem.
currently using DP but DVI can do 144 too but my GPU doesn’t have DVI anymore.

before you point soly at the monitor you are aware that at least nvidia had a major issue with DP where card needed a new firmware to fix black screens?

just because you found a work around you should instantly come to a conclusion why this happens.

I don’t use Nvidia, I use AMD. This didn’t happen with any other monitor, graphics card works with any other monitor, no problems. Only happens on Asus monitors. And unplugging the power on the monitor waiting ten seconds, and plugging it back in shouldn’t fix it, if it’s the graphics card.

you are a sample size of 1.

i’m using a asus VG248qe for many many years know with AMD and nvidia GPU currently AMD. guess what it worked fine all the time now we have a sample size of 2. this is nothing to come to a conclusion.

and beware AMD driver are throwing black screen like they have nothing better to do for the past 12 month. the difference here is that this is a well known and well improved issue confirmed by AMD.

I looked all over the internet, and LOTS OF PEOPLE were blaming this on Driver. For both Nvidia, and AMD. I’ve now tested this on both. I have another PC that I ran this with, and lo and behold, same issue, but was FASTER. This has NOTHING to do with drivers, and more to do with the monitor and it’s DP.

I’ve read many accounts of this FIXING the issue.

And yes, I had restarted the computer multiple times, and that DOESN’T FIX THE ISSUE in linux, or WINDOWS. I run both On my machine.

Same issue, on MULTIPLE DRIVERS. It’s the monitor’s DP port. Something about it doesn’t release when the computer goes to sleep. So it stays off no matter if the computer shuts off or you unplug the dp cord. But once you actually UNPLUG the power, it’s fine after that.

Don’t try to tell me how to diagnose a problem. I’m most likely older than you, and most likely been using computers before you could walk.

This is a fix, and used on multiple computers now. With the same exact problem happening every time.

Simple dum solution. Unplug the thing, and it works again.

I don’t get your fanboy gut reaction to my post? Like I’m somehow attacking your choice to buy this monitor? How could you even think that? This is a solution page, not a page that says: “HAY EVERYONE THAT BOUGHT THIS MONITOR IS A STUPID BITCH!”

Learn to read, and not read between the lines. Cause your response comes off as fanboyism. “MINE DOESN’T DO IT SO YOU’RE A LIAR!”

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Unplugged my VG248 power and plugged it back in and it worked. I tried restarting, I tried unplugging the DP from my 3080 and the monitor and my second monitor in various configurations. Tried every windows and Nvidia setting I could. Display was not active.

Again Unplugging and Plugging it back in resolved this issue immediately.

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