Asus VG236H 120Hz on AMD GPU?

Hey guys,

So I am building my new PC soon, and I have 1 consideration left before I buy the parts. My monitor is the Asus VG236H is a 3d monitor which is capable of 120hz refresh rates in 2d mode. The only problem is that it is compatible with Nvidia cards out of the box but it says nothing about amd cards. 

Previously I had a HD 6870 and couldn't find any way to set my monitor to 120hz back then (about a year ago) so I had to send it back and get a GTX560 instead. My thinking is now maybe the AMD drivers have built some sort of work around to manually set resolutions and refresh rates with the newer drivers. Has anyone else got some similar experiences? Maybe some suggestions of workarounds or maybe you have it working in this configuration.

I Really really want to get a HD7950 (bundled with Farcry 3 and hitman absolution + another)  as its going crazy cheap on a local website and I think should beat the GTX660 ti in most cases. 

Would appriciate any help / advice or suggestions!


It looks like it should work, and in the AMD CCC you should force 120hz, and make sure that V-Sync is not enabled on any games (or force V-Sync off)