So I am getting a Sabertooth z77 board. Looking at the simple overclocking button on the UEFI, can anyone tell me what specifications it clocks the CPU too? What ghz will it overclock to and would the Xigmatek Dark Knight cooler be able to sustain the clock?


Sorry I'm a newb to UEFI bios. I'm finally upgrading from my first built pentium 4 pc =D

I think to get any useful feedback you'll need to tell us what CPU you plan on getting.

i5-3570k  Sorry I thought I put that in there but it turns out I wrote that in my Computer Specs lol (my computer specs on my profile is what I'm ordering btw)

Just Bumping the topic

don't use the butten, ocing is pretty simple on 1155 just up voltage and change the multiplier and thats it

first change the mulitplier to 40, if its not too hot, then up the voltage to 1.3 and change the multi to 42,  you shouldn't need to up it higher than 1.3

Gotcha thanks

I got the asus p8z77-v and i have to say the uefi bios is sexy :P, it clocked my 3570k to 4.0 ghz on stock just at the push of a button, though i bumped it up to 4.2


Should I leave the voltage in offset mode or change it to a fixed voltage?