ASUS Transformer....which one?! HELP

Okay, so iv'e been really looking into getting one of these tablets. Not for a notebook substitute, but more to bring to class and have something a little more portable just to take notes on, read a little, and just to have on me. What I need are the differnces and recommendations of the different types. Im mainley looking at the 300T but there is also a 300TL? and Whats the differnce with the TF101, 201 etc. Because there is a major price difference. Help is really appreciated.


TF101 - Original ASUS transformer, uses Tegra 2 and is available for a reasonable price now.

TF201 - ASUS Transformer Prime, uses Tegra 3 and has overall improved specs, but there are issues with WiFi and GPS reception.

TF300 - Much like the 201, but comes with slightly worse specs in order to retail for cheaper. There is no camera flash, it is heavier and thicker, and the back panel is plastic rather than metal.

TF700 - ASUS Transformer Infinity, has a better screen than the prime but the same chipset. The only internal differences seem to be the clock speed of the processor, which is slightly increased.


The TF300T is the WiFi model, whilst the TF300TL is the LTE model, meaning you can use it to access 4G/LTE networks.


Hope this helps.


I have the TF201. It's not a bad tablet for light school work and simply entertainment. I wouldn't suggest getting a android tablet w/o a wacom digitizer or something of that sort for notetaking. I've tried taking notes on the TF201, I'm assuming it's the same for the other transformers but it's not very good at all. I've even tried it with a fancy stylus (Jot Pro) but it's still unsatisfactory for me. 

It is pretty damn awesome for putting e-textbooks and things of that manner in it. 

Overall, not bad for the price and I love the battery life. I would wait for the asus 810 or 610, or maybe get the asus vivo tab though.

Tf300t if you are keen on a transformer tablet

I have a TF101, get a newer one or get the Vivotab.

I have the TF300T and its a nice enough tablet with a custom firmware but be advised there is an issue on the stock Jellybean firmware at the moment that makes the tab extremely laggy due to reduced I/O performance.

Also these tabs are very top heavy when docked with the keyboard and sometimes just tip over if you look at them too hard...