Asus Thermal Radar Problems

I have a Sabertooth P67 board I bought for my Windows 7 machine 3 years ago.

Now its been upgraded to Windows 8.1 but freakin Asus doesn't have proper software support for Windows 8.1 on second gen intel stuff. I managed to get Asus Suite II V20101 working from a Sabertooth Z77 board, but I've lost all overclocking functionality in the OS and Thermal Radar doesn't even work.

I curse Asus for not supporting their older gen stuff. Is it worth the trouble trying to get this working or should I just upgrade the hardware. I want to avoid doing that because there is nothing wrong with my i7-2600k. I wish it could work in the newest boards, but you know Intel... herpa derpa derp 1155 pins? LETS MAKE IT 1150 SO PEOPLE HAVE TO BUY OUR NEW S&$%! Derpa derp.