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Strix x99. I'm all out of Strix Puns.

You can skip to around 15 minutes if you want to see the RGB controller software/lighting strip, the new "helper" cpu socket installer thingie, and some other neat features this generation.

I hit 4.3ghz on the cheapest i7 broadwell-e cpu!! Which I'm pretty happy with anything over 4ghz because the clocks matter a bit.

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Solid review as always, thanks.
But strixly speaking (you made me do that!) it has thunderbolt, bling and stickers.
I get the thunderbolt thing but everything else... I am very much on your side with computers have to work and get out of the way.

Now here is the important question, @wendell: When is the dual 2670s video coming out? :D

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The x5650 is a 6 core with 12 threads. I think the OC'd 6800k beat out two x5650's. But I don't know for sure.
But... Two x5650's would be around 120$ and a dual CPU motherboard would be 70$ max. Some go for 40$

I do am really excited for that video when he mentioned it on The Tek

soon. I put it in a corsair 780T ! It is honestly melting my brain with how awesome it is. For transcoding video from the CLI it is facemeltingly face.
However, rendering video and doing vfx in adobe premiere and adobe after effects is slower than a skylake clocked at 4.5ghz. whaaaA?A?A yep. I been seeing if I can squeeze out better performance and the answer is adobe programs suck at scaling past 6-8 cores.


Pff, what a waste of space. Wanna see that in a small case?
Corsair Carbide 400Q! :P

Yeah Adobe does not do well in that regard. Photoshop and Lightroom are even worse.

Handbrake is pretty amazing though. I tried the same transcode (The Hobbit, all three simultaneously from ripped mkv to x265 with vorbis audio) on an E5 1650 v3 and I got 60-70% more performance out of the dual 2670s.

I love these chips. I have two in this server, I'm building my main rig around them and I got two more just because. xD

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Damn that really sucks considering I use those for work :(

For Adobe stuff clock is king! Here is an interesting read for you:

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I'm going to have to try a transcode comparison between my new(to me) dual Xeon e5506 server and my OC'd 4690k gaming rig. I imagine that the gaming rig will probably perform better since it's a newer CPU at more than double the clock of the old server chips(2.13ghz vs 4.5ghz) despite having 4 fewer cores. If I upgraded the server to some x5680s or 90s it would probably go the other way though since those are 3+ ghz hex core chips with hyperthreading.

great video was looking at getting this board but with all the negative reviews on newegg, i am a bit nervous about purchasing the strix board. might be switching for the evga x99 FTW K, decisions decisions. Any plans on reviewing that board?

Yeah this is a cool board, i did took a closer look at it myself.
And i´m still concidering it to buy for my system upgrade.
However the Gigabyte X99 Ultra gaming and Phoenix Sli are also 2 interesting compatiters.

if anyone sees an X99 in the $200-$250 range with onboard alpine ridge/thunderbolt, let me know. somewhat surprised the $200 boards don't have it. I think, but not sure, intel charges oems about $100 for the chipset on these which is nearly half the cost

THe Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming has it maybe?
its $269,- or so.

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You could check a detailed review about the Gigabyte here.

Not sure if that is what you looking for.
The only con of this board to me is the lack off usb 2.0 ports on the back.
And 2 Nic´s which are not teamable since one is killer and one is intel.

Gigabyte, what are you doing?

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Well it never hurts to have two nic´s doe.
Im personaly still debating between the Asus X99 ROG Strix and the Gigabyte X99 Ultra gaming myself.
The Gigabyte X99 ultra gaming doesnt feuture onboard wifi out of the box, but that doesnt matter too me realy.
There is about €30,- price diffrence or so.

The only thing that botters me on the Gigabyte is the lack of usb2.0 ports on the back.
Which can be a pain in the but if you want to do a legacy windows 7 install using usb keyboard and mouse.
There is a ps2 combo port for legacy support doe.
But still i would have liked 2 usb2.0 ports.

The one thing in particular i realy like on the Gigabyte X99 refresh boards is the vrm implementation.
They use a fully digital implementation from IR on their Ultra gaming, Phoenix Sli and Designare EX.
Infact the VRM implementations on these 3 models are totaly identical.
Which means that you realy get a very highend implementation here for just $269,-

VRM Gigabyte X99 Ultra gaming / Designare EX and Phoenix Sli details.

Phases: 8 true phases.

  • pwm: IR3580 8 true phase digital pwm.
  • powerstages: 8x IR3556: 50A fullty intergrated
  • Chokes: 76A cooperbussman.
  • caps: FP 10K black caps.

B-clock generator: IT8792E

Memory VR x2:

  • PWM IR3570 = 3+2 phases digital.
  • 2 phases for dram +1 phase for VPP.
  • IR3553 40A powerstages.

The Asus X99 ROG strix realy looks great.
It also uses an 8 true phase digital design from IR.
And IR3535M powestages.

Still not as highend as on the Asus Rampage 5 EXtreme ED10 for example.
Which does use a fully digital IR implementation and also 60A IR3555 60A powerstages,
and the polymer ceramic 10K caps + tantalum caps.
But i think its reasonable.

I broke down and went with the Z9PE-D8 as you recommended during the PGP stream on Sunday. I won't be video editing in Adobe because, I mean, the motherboard already set me back enough, but I'll be using it for ripping all my dad's Deep Space Nine DVDs and transcoding them so that they fit on our NAS for a home theater situation with the TV, so it's good to know that the dual Xeons melt faces in that regard.

Do you know if something like Blender can take advantage of that many cores? Probably can with 3D stuff, but I was wondering more about the video editing side.

sigh and incomes the hate from everyone else for me using Blender for video editing... =_= "He's gunna use Blender, y'all!"

I love the intel nics. The nic teaming doesn't matter much though except on Linux. Windows 10 intel nic teaming has been broken for ages and no one seems to care about fixing it. :-\

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Yeah thats true.
I´m personaly not a huge fan of those Atheros killer nic solutions.
I prefer the intel solutions aswell.

Yeah, I've never had much luck with Killer nics. Broadcom nics were also fun to get going, but seemed to work fine when setup.

What I'd really love would to somehow have a riser card (like Jetway daughtercards) so I could just pop in whatever nic I wanted to use at the time. That way I could use a 10 Gbps if needed or save a pretty penny and go with the standard 1 Gbps. But that probably isn't going to happen too soon.