Asus strix b450-f rog mobo, ryzen 7 3700x cpu ,rtx 2060 super , thermal take 700w smart psu , crossair vantage pro 16g ddr4 3200

Everything was working perfectly till I upgraded to a rtx3060 ti then I had to do a bios update for the gpu to work . After update it all worked played a quick cod match got out and shutdown pc and now I get. Fans come on rgb all come on on the board and extras, liquid cooler on even the rgb on the 3060 ti comes on but no boot up .
I’ve done all troubleshooting I can find even pull everything off mobo except cpu still same with 1 stick off ram or not do not get any beeps but do have the yellow/orange light qled on very lightly.
Any help please and thanks.

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