Asus should make cases

I know, it's a retail, but ya gotta admit, it looks fucking badass...

looks like they've taken to throwing together their components into full builds.... decent psu's even... gfx is skimpy tho....

A ROG branded case would be nice, but honestly that case is hideous, i like the lines but the form factor is digusting.

how so? maybe i'm one of the few that likes big cases, but it looks pretty good to me....

It actually appeals to me. Yep, it's badass. I especially like the way you can access the other front panel ports. Though it may get irritating at times( the same problem the Antec DarkFleet experienced). The GPU is a little on the short side, but it's still very capable. The CPU options seems to be either a 2500K or 2600K.

It would be awesome if ASUS started making cases. They are one of the companies I still respect. Heck, an ASUS themed rig would be AWESOME.

ASUS Vento TA-U11

ASUS Vento A1 TA-A11

Are some that I know of.

"The ROG Tytan is inspired by ballistic missile submarines, with each element created exactly according to its purpose: domination over your enemy."


im sorry my opinion is its ugly

No need to say sorry. As you said, it's your opinion.

I mean, toot you tooot, you tooooot toot, it's a tooooot sexy case, how the toot can you not like it. Tooooot.


Yeah, it looks like the new Alienware and they are awful...

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