Asus SAGE WS-WRX80E bios update breaks nvme RAID :(

I saw the plug in the video for the new 702 bios for the Asus WS-WRX80E (threadripper pro) having new IPMI sensing and perhaps other goodness. So I updated and low and behold now my Hyper M.2 card isn’t recognized anymore. In some slots, it says the array failed. Just a word of warning: if you try to update BIOS it may kill your RAID! Thanks Asus :frowning:

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Well I finally got my data back after getting mdadm to rebuild the array. What seems to happen is that the new BIOS will forget the PCI-e bifurcation settings-- you have to tell it to go 4x4x4x4 (“pcie RAID mode”) or it’ll only see the first drive. (Actually, for the first few boots, linux could not see any of the devices in the RAID, which really freaked me out).

I just did another reboot after unplugging and again it seems to have forgotten the PCIe bifurcation setting. So beware the 702 BIOS, and Asus please up your game!


Why did you even put your trust into a technology that is beta at level: optimist, and realistically experimental at level: nightmare? I have stupid shit happen with P822 HPE SAS controller that has been out for ages and SAS even longer than that, yet it still does insane levels of stupidity under Linux AND what murders my will to breathe, in HBA mode SAS.

If I was using the HPE “hardware” RAID fine, that’s on me, but HBA!? As much as I love Linux and as much as I hate HPE as a company politic and as a concept (updating firmware of 6 year old devices requires active server license deal with HP? Really!? Really !?!?!?!?!?), Driver/Kernel Linux bozos are not taking into account minutia that can happen when you sign such deals with the devil.

I remember back in the day (core2quad days and some intel whatever RAID technology on my mo/bo) just booting a CD with live linux distro (think it was Ubuntu 8.x or something) messed up my boot RAID1 drive and f’d all my data on Intel Matrix Neo Trinity Cipher@Intel original motherboard, whatever it was called RAID software array… Good thing it was a test bench or otherwise I’d be really angry back in the 2010’s

Gets the blood flowing and keeps you awake. After I had a similar incident ~10 years ago, I’m now completely immune to

when it comes to BIOS upgrades. “Never change a running system”.

I’m glad you got your array back.

blarg is it really that bad to upgrade BIOS? i bit for the updated IPMI sensing as advertized in the level1tech youtube :stuck_out_tongue:

ok well now i know ASUS software is as bad as it seemed to me

This topic is kind of a reason why I’m so eagerly trying to get U.2 NVMe backplanes to work without getting PCIe Bus Errors, even with PCIe Gen4. In my opinion it’s just good practice to remove storage devices when updating firmwares, especially if some kind of RAID is in play…

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