Asus Sabertooth z77 or Asrock Extreme 6?

Simple really, im looking to upgrade to a new motherboard and im unsure which one to get, the sabertooth looks very nice with the thermal armour, but its £50 more than the extreme 6 which seems just as good, which one is actually better and is the sabertooth worth the extra ?


I actually have the Sabertooth Z77. It's absolutely perfect if you're more into aesthetic appeal than performance. The problem with it is that it's overpriced and you can get more features on a cheaper board. If you're willing to spend about $200 on a good board, buy the ASUS P8Z77-PRO.

If you prefer aesthetics:

If you prefer performance:

Sabbertooth overpriced.. wenn it comes to z77 board.

i could advice you the Msi Z77 Mpower  (aka the z77 version of the Big bang)

That particular board comes handtested out of fabrick , so that gives you 200% guarantee, its working.

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The MSI Mpower Z77 was actually one of my choices originally but it only had 6 sata ports, all 6 of mine are taken up right now so i would want one with more if possible.

Also with the MSI Mpower can you not use the last PCI slot at all with a 2500k (cpu i have) i have a sound card and would prefer to plug it in the bottom one rather than in between the GPUs, though again its for looks more than anything.

Gigabyte UD3 and UP5 are much better for the money. The Sabertooth is a very overpriced motherboard for the features. You will get worse temps from the "thermal armor," which only adds an aesthetic improvement, and a generally standard motherboard. With a UP5, you get a fantastic board for overclocking, with a few extra features. Gigabyte boards aren't the holy grail (that is the ROG series by Asus), but they are the absolute best for reasonable prices.

I was looking at

But its not as pretty as the others.

Last bump before i buy;

Asus sabertooth

MSI Mpower

Asrock Extreme 6

i prefer  the Msi, but if you realy need more sata 6 ports, then its not the best choice.