Asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0 fan control


I have a sabertooth where I want to control my fan speeds. I'm using 120mm fans with a 3 pin layout. I cannot seem to control the fanspeeds in anyway, and I find it kind of sad.

Before you go yelling "you have to use 4 pin fans for that", you are probably right, but 90% of my fans are 3 pin. And above that, The BIOS its "Qfan" setting can control the voltage just fine. But I cannot set up my own profiles with this Qfan setting, I can only put them on 'standard' where he does its random thing, or on 'turbo' where he blows the fans wide open. And with 'manual' I can't configure them to listen to certain temperature sensors.

There must be a way to control the fan voltage, I mean c'mon; If the bios can do it, Why can't I do it?

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But my mental state is not in question here. It might be, but not here. No, Here I would like to know if the sabertooth has voltagecontrol capabilities for fans?

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Did you find a solution Egnappahz? I really want to find out how to control the speed of my CPU fans, it's also a 3-pin connector.

Sabertooth... ASUS Sabertooth... Use the ASUS fan utility that comes with your motherboard disk. Or you could download ASUS suite, I believe, and use Fan Xpert, or Fan Xpert 2. I mess around with it all the time. It will use voltage to regulate your fan speeds according to the graphs and profiles you set up.


Oh god... this is an old post. Well, if OP didn't have an answer, he should have it now

Thanks for the answer. However, after looking around in BIOS a little I noticed I could set fan speeds manually.

That's a totally different thing, and it give you very little control in comparison. In the BIOS, you can only set the fan speed. In the utilitity, you can control how the fan increases and decreases with the temperature parameters that you set. And you can switch profiles without having to restart your system. Trust me, if you're using the BIOS, you're making it hard for yourself.

There's options adjust the fan speed according to temperature in the BIOS. But I don't know if I want to mix in software with this. Is there any negative sides to it?