Asus sabertooth 990fx light

I just got an asus sabertooth 990fx for my fx8350 yesterday, the installation went fine, everything is working and I had no real issues but went I shut down the computer at night, i realized there was a light on at the bottom of the mobo and it only turned of if I turned of the power supply. So this morning I turned on and then of again and it doesn't turn of, I can see it because my case has a window. Is this something normal for this mobo? I really have no idea and never had an asus before and everything looks in order, the only thing I had to fix was the boot priorities a few times beacuse I had plugged my ssd in the slower sata ports. Does anybody know what this light  means? and also I checked and it doesn't say anything next to the led.

just means the board is getting power, i'd put a piece of electrical tape on it if it bothers you

THNX! just aquick qestion, is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 a good cooler?

Solid on a budget, if you are looking for "good good", go with a Noctua NH-D14 or something similar.

As stated above, the light is a board power light, it just lets you know that your motherboard is receiving power. As for the Hyper 212, it's a solid cooler on a budget, but if you want to take advantage of the ability of that motherboard and the 8350 to overclock then you're going to want to grab a beefier cooler.

its actually not for me, the question, ita for a friend I am thinking for getting it as a gift for him. He has a phenom ii x4 965