Asus sabertooth 990fx/gen3

Well I just pulled the trigger on this since its has pcie 3 . I am thinking now is the time to crossfire . Any one with the board, tips and tricks would be helpful. I really wanted a red rog but this came along.

OMG OMG OMG! I really want either the Sabertooth or the ROG board! I`m trying to hold out though, hoping new chipset/mobo are in the works?

What CPU are you pairing with this? GPU?

I've got an 8350 and 2 7970's!

ya 8350 I just realized i can quad cross fire this thing. I am getting all nerd tingly. As another Logan says.

I have been doing the same thing but the the gen 3 saber i had to do it.

Well gpu wise i am going to start with two 7870s may be even go to three. I figure i will let the next gen sort itself out before hopping on the band wagon. Wait for a good amount of benchmarks stats and see which cards hold up well.

awesome board. oc fun assured!

Ya, you have to excuse me been working with cheap boards so long that this really excites me.

Asus sabertooth 990Fx GEN 3 is an awesome board. i would say go for it ☺

For the sake of promoting a better informed opinion I am posting this link to a overview of this board.