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Asus Ryzen mobo no video during post when CSM set to disabled

Asus X470-F Gaming (Bios 5406 - AGESA
GTX 1080ti in top, 16X PCIe slot
Samsung 970 Evo Plus in M2.1 as primary boot (Windows Boot Mgr).

I’m trying to play with RAID at BIOS level and from what I can gather, I need CSM set to “DISABLED” to even see the options to set up an array. Cool.

Setting to “DISABLED” gives me a warning about nvme boot potentially not working. Which, strangely enough… it works fine, except I have NO display until I get into Windows (i.e. when my nvidia drivers load and I can see my desktop).

Any ideas? Is it because I’m booting off of an NVME? (First thing I’m gonna try when I get home is going to another drive as primary boot now that I think of it). Or is it because the 1080ti won’t display anything without CSM set to enabled?