ASUS RT-AX56U - Red Internet LED - "Error Message "Your ISP's DHCP does not function properly"

I received my router today from an Amazon order. I plugged it in replacing my ISP issued router. Immediately I noticed the red internet LED. Upon connecting my devices to the RT-AX56U and configuring the router, the internet LED on the device was still red. Within the configuration settings, the internet status is “Your ISP’s DHCP does not function properly”. However, my connection works fine with other routers, In addition, I am using the bundled cables included with this device.

I tried resetting multiple times and upgrading the firmware but have had no success resolving the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Does your ISP use MAC address whitelisting, since mine does?
Is the firmware of the router up to date?
Have you contacted your ISP?

Check for what the poster said above. There should be a way to do a clone

Sometimes the ISP wants a certain client ID etc. What ISP?

I haven’t checked with my ISP yet, I’m in Ireland so using Eir. I raised a support ticket with ASUS as from Googling it seems to only be their products which has this issue. The firmware is up to date on the router. I just wanted to know more about potential resolution before phoning ISP where I’ll have to do the reset dance -“have you tried resetting your router” as well as knowing enough so they can’t turn it around and say it’s an ASUS problem and not theirs.

might have to call ISP and give them the MAC address and other things of the new router to allow it to talk to their systems.

If you didn’t get this sorted out - some ISPs have sticky MAC on their ports.

i.e., if you change device, it won’t recognise/allocate your IP address to a different physical device (due to different MAC) until a timer expires. with my ISP for example, it’s around 30-60 minutes.